How can we keep track of what butterflies are seen in the field or in our yards at different times of the year? How can we easily build a “life list” of butterflies seen?

NABA offers one solution, called “Butterflies I’ve Seen (BIS) and we have chosen to use it for chapter purposes to chronicle sightings from our field trips, our systematic monitoring projects, and our NABA counts. Any visitor to this site can find our sightings at this location: go to, click on Butterfly Monitoring, then on Recent Sightings. You will see a link to any sightings more than a few months old.

Use this site both to develop your own personal lists and to learn what has been seen by our chapter in south Florida.

Another way to stay abreast of Florida sightings is to follow entries on the informative site called LEPSRUS, operated by Buck and Linda Cooper: